The case of the four-day work week

We’ve heard of the four-day week. What’s this 4-Hour Workweek you speak of? Author, entrepreneur, and lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss challenged the status quo more than 12 years ago by penning the 4-Hour Workweek, which showed readers how to escape the rat race, and earn larger incomes by working fewer hours. Recently, bestselling author and professor Cal Newport explored how Ferriss’ manifesto “anticipated our current moment of professional upheaval,” in a New Yorker article. In a recent episode on Ferriss’ podcast, the two leading minds came together to discuss the book, and what unfolded is a mind-expanding conversation on the cult of productivity, burning out, unsustainable behaviors at work and how to find balance. 

We highly recommend you listen to this podcast episode (listen, runtime: 1:31:31) on your next commute (or two) — and while you’re at it, add The Tim Ferriss show to your favorites for captivating discussions with some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers and performers.