The first installment of Super Pumped tells the story of “The Battle For Uber”

The anthology series aims to tell the tales behind business disruptors with the first edition focusing on global ride-hailing giant Uber and tracking the rise and fall of Uber’s disgraced CEO, Travis Kalanick, who ran the company from 2010 to 2017. Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings Kalanick through a jumpy, narcissistic character. The series starts at the very beginning of Uber’s journey, when it was still called UberCab, with Kalanick attempting to snag VC funding by embellishing the business model and giving quite the aggressive elevator pitch. It then follows Uber’s tumultuous journey, from struggling to expand to the company’s many PR debacles as well as the many enemies it makes along the way. 

“Super Pumped pokes at the dubious ethics of Silicon Valley — even the guys ostensibly trying to do the right thing,” writes The Guardian.